Serving at Moria Refugee Camp

Lesvos, Greece

Tentative Dates for Group Trips:
31 Mar – 12 Apr 2019    |||   14 Apr – 26 Apr 2019
30 Jun – 12 Jul 2019  |||    14 Jul – 26 Jul 2019
29 Sep – 11 Oct 2019   |||   13 Oct – 25 Oct 2019
*Volunteering outside these dates is also possible*

1. What to Expect
The Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos is a crisis area where more than 8000 refugees live in a space planned for 2000 people and a sewer system made for 800 people. There you will see individuals, families and children living in extremely challenging conditions click here for photos.
Our on-the-ground NGO partners are responsible to support the camp management with tasks such us welcoming and housing refugees and distributing their meals every day. With the help of volunteer teams like ours, they assist refugees from the time they arrive in the camp and throughout their stay (which normally lasts a few years).
Other than volunteers and refugees, you will see in the camp some doctors, lawyers, asylum workers, UN workers, police officers and Greek soldiers (since the refugee camp is set in a military compound).

2. What Will You Do
You will be supporting one of our on-the-ground partner organisation with various tasks as needed, such as:

  • Welcome newly arrived refugees, serving them food, water and providing them with a hygiene kit, blanket and a set of clothes;
  • Help with the puzzling task of housing refugees in tents and containers (ISO Boxes) according to their nationalities;
  • Help with the camp maintenance in any necessary way, such as setting up tents or even cleaning toilets and picking up rubbish from the ground;
  • Help with sorting out clothes and other non-food items at the warehouse;
  • Support any special activities such as concerts, crafts sessions for women, children’s recreational programmes, etc.
  • Secure the gates giving access to where the most vulnerable people are housed (minor boys, single women, disabled, etc.)
  • You might also be asked to offer some support at our Refugee Women & Children’s Centre right outside Moria Refugee Camp, where we offer hot showers, laundry facilities, educational and recreational activities, etc.

The work is not glamorous. You will be there to serve (6 days per week, 8 hours per day). You will work alongside a wonderful team of people who have the same heart to serve those in need. You will be able to meet and talk to refugees, maybe even be invited into their tents for tea, and have the opportunity to see their life in camp.

3. The Volunteers We Need
Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, speak good English and display the following characteristics:
Team Player: working well with others and thinking more of the team’s good than of personal preference;
Flexible: willing to make adjustments – and have adjustments made for them – joyfully;
Teachable: open to learn and be taught new things with a positive and responsive attitude;
Compassionate: caring deeply in a tangible way for the needs of those around them;
Respectful: showing dignity to those whom they serve and those whom they serve with;
Encouraging: Intentionally uplifting and building up those around them with their words and actions.

4. The Costs
500 EUR per volunteer (group trips)
That includes:

  • 12 nights accommodation in Lesvos in a studio apartment shared between two volunteers (more details about the accommodation below);
  • Transportation to/from airport on arrival and departure dates;
  • Transportation to/from the refugee camp each day;
  • On-the-ground partner registration fee (including ID card to access the camp);
  • 100 EUR contribution – funds utilised by All4Aid to help cover the costs of the project and for the direct benefit of the refugees we serve.

The cost excludes flight tickets and meals.

Volunteers coming outside the group trip dates and organising their own accommodation and transportation are only requested to donate the 100 EUR contribution. 

Please note: As a nonprofit organisation, All4Aid does not charge payment from volunteers. All4Aid simply informs potential volunteers of the costs involved and encourage them to make a donation that covers the costs of their participation and the project costs. In parallel, we also try to raise funds to sponsor volunteers who cannot afford to make a donation. If you would like to take part, but cannot afford the costs, please, let us know via the application form below. Also, if you cannot take part, but would like to make a donation, contact us at or simply give using our bank details.

5. Your Flights
You should make your own arrangements of flights to Lesvos (Mytilene Airport). We have a list of recommended flights for those joining the group trips and departing from Frankfurt. We will pick you up / and drive you to the airport, if you arrive in and leave the island on the flights listed below (or flights with similar departure/arrival times). If you chose to arrive/depart on flights with different times you will have to pay for a taxi to/from the studio apartment (ci. 20 euros).

Frankfurt-Athens | 30 Dec | 06:25-10:25 | FR1530 | Ryanair
Athens-Mytilene | 30 Dec | 20:00-20:50 | OA258 | Olympic Air

Mytilene-Frankfurt|11 Jan | 13:20-17:10 | A37587 + A3530 | Olympic Air (via Thessaloniki)
Frankfurt-Athens | 31 Mar | 06:25-10:25 | FR1530 | Ryanair
Athens-Mytilene | 31 Mar | 21:00-21:50 | OA254 | Olympic Air

Mytilene-Frankfurt |12 Apr | 16:10-20:20 | A37253 + A31833 | Olympic Air (via Athens)
Frankfurt-Athens | 14 Apr | 07:05-11:00 | FR1530 | Ryanair
Athens-Mytilene | 14 Apr | 21:00-21:50 | OA254 | Olympic Air

Mytilene-Frankfurt |26 Apr | 16:10-20:20 | A37253 + A31833 | Olympic Air (via Athens)
Frankfurt-Athens | 30 Jun | 07:05-11:00 | FR1530 | Ryanair
Athens-Mytilene | 30 Jun | 21:00-21:50 | OA254 | Olympic Air

Mytilene-Frankfurt |12 Jul | 16:10-20:20 | A37253 + A31833 | Olympic Air (via Athens)
Frankfurt-Athens | 14 Jun | 07:05-11:00 | FR1530 | Ryanair
Athens-Mytilene | 14 Jun | 21:00-21:50 | OA254 | Olympic Air

Mytilene-Frankfurt| 26 Jul | 16:10-20:20 | A37253 + A31833 | Olympic Air (via Athens)

6. Accommodation
Volunteers will be staying in a simple, but comfortable studio apartment in Panagiouda, a village located 5 minutes drive from the camp. Each studio has two single beds. Single volunteers will be sharing the studio with another volunteer of the same gender. Married couples will have a studio for themselves. The studio has its own bathroom with towels and hairdryer available for guests.
The studio is fitted with air conditioner / heating, oven, stovetop, kitchenware, kettle, washing machine and a fridge.

7. Meals
No breakfast or other meals are provided at the studio apartment (not even for a fee). So, you will be responsible to organise your own meals.
For breakfast and dinner, you can use small stores, bakery and restaurants near the accommodation.
For lunch or eating during the day (while working at the refugee camp), you may take a sandwich, fruit and drinks in your backpack. Alternatively, you can buy food in the food trucks by the entrance of the camp. As an example, you can buy a falafel sandwich (or a burger), with chips and salad for less than 5€.
Food is generally cheap in Greece. We will try to eat together as a group as much as possible.

8. Application

Ready to apply?  Click on the link below to fill out the application form.


Still have questions? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to answer you, as you consider this opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the refugee camp in Lesvos.

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