Feminine Hygiene

There is little to none provision of feminine hygiene products in the most critical refugee camps in Europe. Provision of disposable sanitary pads is mostly lacking, leaving the refugee women to the mercy of the donations influx and unable to care for themselves properly during what should be a natural cycle in their lives. Not to mention the damages that disposable pads cause to the environment.

We at All4Aid are proposing a definite and sustainable solution to this problem. We are also inviting members of the community to be part of the solution and help us in the production of completely reusable (washable) pads. The products will then be introduced by us to the refugee women living in those camps through an educational programme / process that includes them in developing and refining the product.

We have completed the second phase of our 5-step process through the launch of our product prototype and the selection of the best fabric and materials for it. We currently have volunteers testing the product and are raising funds to initiate the third step, which involves the production and testing of the sustainable pads in the camp.

  1. Define Challenge
  2. Identify Solution
  3. Test Solution
  4. Refine Solution
  5. Scale Solution

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