Where We Work

All4Aid is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and operates refugee support programmes in various countries categorised as “transit contexts”, such as Greece, Cyprus and, more recently, Romania. Click below to learn more about our work in each location.


More details soon!


More details soon!

Our Programmes

1. NFIs (Non Food Items) Distribution Programme

The Needs: NFIs distribution in relief and development is generally characterised by mass distributions: beneficiaries queue up and are quickly passed items with little consideration given to their age, gender, size number or season of the year; let alone their personal tastes and preferences on colour or type of fabric, for instance.

Our response: At All4Aid, we go against that general trend. Our NFIs distribution Programme is characterised by a relational approach and by a focus on empowering people to choose for themselves what they need and like, so as to value their dignity and individuality. 

Highlight: The All4Women Shop on Lesvos follows a dignified approach to the distribution of women’s clothing items and personal hygiene items. Items are displayed as if in a retail shop and women are allowed to come in and choose a certain number of items for free. The Shop is located within a women’s only area of the building, where they feel totally safe and comfortable to check underwear and bras, take feminine pads, try out hijabs, etc.

2. WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) Programme

The Needs: Very often refugee camps are not able to meet the UNHCR/SPHERE minimum humanitarian standards (e.g.: 20 people per toilet, 50 people per shower). In such conditions those who suffer the most are women and girls. While men can, for instance, put on some shorts and bathe in the sea or with a bucket in public spaces, culturally speaking, women and girls find it more difficult to do the same.

Our Response: At All4Aid we work to supplement those services and meet the hygiene needs of people in displacement, especially women and girls. We do that, for instance, by setting up female only Laundry Rooms and Shower Rooms near the refugee camp.

Highlight: At the All4Women Centre on Lesvos we offer protected female-only area where women and girls can take a shower with a comfortable standardised temperature and water pressure. All necessary items such as towels, shampoo, etc. are provided. High-quality semi-professional washing of clothes is also offered in our laundry. The quality and temperature of the wash (1h15 cycles on 60°C) is established to help fight skin diseases and illness which are common within in the camp community (e.g.: scabies).

3. Food Security Programme

The Needs: The food security situation is often problematic in refugee camps in transit contexts. It is not uncommon that food is distributed in an unequal way, with little consideration given to the number of members within a family or their age. It is also not uncommon that the quality of the food is low. Especially when large quantities of ready meals are delivered by third-party contractors without an inspection or supervision. 

Our Response: At All4Aid we help address the food insecurity issue in refugee camp communities by establishing a choice model dry food foodbank .

Highlight: All4Aid’s Dry Food Foodbank provides food primarily for selected vulnerable (e.g.: single women, female headed households, etc.). Tickets are distributed and vulnerable asylum seekers come on a bi-weekly basis to collect basic non-perishable food items. The quantity is determined in line with the size of the household. We follow a “choice model”, allowing beneficiaries to select their food items in order to create a sense of dignity and autonomy in an environment where people are generally given very little choices.

4. Education & Workshops Programme

The Needs: In most transit contexts refugee children miss one or two years of school because the host country public school system will not take them, or cannot fully support them in learning the host country language and in their process of  adapting to a new educational system.

Our Response: Besides offering various training and workshop opportunities for adults (e.g.: sewing, woodworking, Language Classes, discussion groups, arts & crafts, etc.), All4Aid also offers educational programme for children (All4Kids) to complement and support their learning process.

Highlight: The All4Kids Learning Centre on Lesvos is a trauma informed, non-formal educational programme for children ages 7-12, that serves as a complement to formal schooling. The programme focuses on supporting the learning of core and foundation subjects, such as: Maths, Languages, Arts, Music, and Physical Education. This programme is currently paused because of COVID-19 Restrictions on allowing children to leave the camp and gather together in our classroom.

Key Partners & Supporters

These are some of the key organisations and churches that support our work by sharing expertise, providing funds, offering prayer support, sending volunteers, etc. The level and type of support is different in each case. 

The AmazonSmile Programme gives 0.5% of the purchase price as a donation to a charitable organisation of the costumer’s choice. All4Aid gGmbH is a recognised Amazon partner benefiting from this programme since May 2019.

The Baptist World Alliance is a network of 47 million Baptists in 126 countries unified by a mission to impact the world for Christ. Through the ‘Standing Together’ Global Response grant, they supported us in helping vulnerable refugees during the pandemic.

Bayou City Fellowship is a multi-location worshipping church in Houston, Texas, USA. They support us with finances and were exploring the possibility of sending short-term volunteers when the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

BMS World Mission is a Christian organisation founded in England in 1792. They work among some of the most marginalised and least evangelised people, in some of the most fragile places on earth. They financially support our COVID-19 Response Project.

Calvary Church is an evangelical protestant church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. As a key partner, they provided funds towards building our All4Women Community Centre. They also send over 50 short-term volunteers to work with us every year.

Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN, whose mission is to love God, love one another and serve the world. They support All4Aid through prayers, finances and volunteers.

The European Baptist Federation is a network of 59 member bodies in 52 church unions in Europe, the Middle and the Near East. They supported us with specific grants for our COVID-19 Response project on Lesvos, Greece.

Google for Nonprofits provides All4Aid with free premium management resources. Since July 2018 we have been benefiting from services such as G-Drive, Custom Email, Google Ads, Google One, and more, allowing us to work more quickly and efficiently.

Hill Country Bible Church is a non-denominational, multi-campus church in Austin-TX. They support our work financially and by sending teams of short-term volunteers to serve at our centre at Moria Camp, on Lesvos, Greece.

HowWillTheyHear is a partnership of 10 international mission agencies working together to mobilise prayer and workers for refugee and migrant ministry across Europe. They partner with us in helping to recruit volunteers for our Centre on Lesvos.

The International Baptist Convention (IBC) is a fellowship of 65 English-language, international churches in 24 countries. They support us in various ways and highlighted All4Aid as one of the recipients of their 2020 Global Missions Offering.  

The International Service Fellowship is an interdenominational Protestant Christian charity which was founded in London in 1852. They support All4Aid through the secondment of personnel and short-term volunteers. 

Junta de Missões Mundiais (JMM) is the Mission Board of the Brazilian Baptist Convention. Present in more than 80 countries, they are one of our key partners providing expertise and funds towards the operational costs of All4Women Community Centre.

Multination Church is an international, English-speaking, multi-location church based in Frankfurt, Germany. The “genesis” of All4Aid is intertwined with the work of their Refugee Ministry. They support us from the very beginning in various amazing ways.


Ten Ten Counseling is a professional therapy service based out of Maryland, USA. They partner with All4Aid by providing online counselling support to some of our long-term workers based on Lesvos, Greece. 

Two Fish Foundation is a public charity based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. They have helped to fund building improvements at our All4Women Community Centre in Lesvos, Greece and regularly sponsor short-term volunteers coming to serve with us.