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Spa Treatment on Lesvos 2 November 2022

Foot washing, foot massage and foot exfoliation. Our pilot service providing spa treatments for women and girls over the Summer at the All4Aid Community Centre, on Lesvos, Greece, has been a tremendous success! We would love to continue to offer these services over the coming months and would greatly appreciate having more female volunteers! Do you have the skills to do massage, hair cuts, nail polish or any other spa and beauty treatments or even… Read more

New House for Ukrainian Refugees

21 October 2022

Meet All4Aid’s House of Hope 2 in Bucharest, Romania! As we continue to provide accommodation to ca. 80 Ukrainian refugees in different houses in and… Read more

Special Activities for Children on Lesvos

11 September 2022

Boys and girls love to visit our Community Centre on Lesvos, Greece, and every day many children come through our doors. They come together with… Read more

Groceries for Ukrainian Guests

15 August 2022

Our All4Aid team serving at the Ukrainian Refugee Response in Bucharest, Romania, continues to be very busy! We are currently housing over 80 Ukrainian refugees… Read more

Spa Treatments on Lesvos

22 July 2022

Who does not like a nice spa treatment? This week, we started a pilot service providing spa treatments for women and girls at our Centre… Read more