Position:                Head of Finances & Administration.
Location:               All4Aid Head Office, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, preferred. 
Salary:                    To be agreed.
Responds to:        the Managing Director.

Work Pattern:      40 hours per week, Monday to Friday.
Start Date:            As soon as possible.


All4Aid is a Christian nonprofit organisation headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, which has a mandate to work with and in support of displaced people in transit contexts. Our vision is “displaced people attaining life in all its fullness” (John 10:10b). Our work is currently spread across various locations: a) the island of Lesvos, Greece, which has hosted the largest refugee camp in Europe for several years; b) Larnaca, Cyprus, the country with the largest per capita population of asylum seekers in Europe, and c) Bucharest, Romania, a country which has experienced one of the largest most recent influx of refugees caused by the war on Ukraine. Plans are on the way to expand our programme to Adana, Turkey (not far from the border with Syria), as well as to the South of Spain.


As Head of Administration & Finance, the Post-Holder will be a member of the Management Team, the leadership team that leads the organisation and shapes its future globally. In order to help ensure that the organisation sustains the current growth trend in a healthy way, the Post-Holder will have a primary focus on overseeing the areas of administration, finances and HR (personnel support), being in charge of designing and implementing All4Aid’s strategy, and optimising our current systems and processes in those areas.

Possessing strong leadership skills and being an excellent team player, delegator and encourager, the Post-Holder will train and support the Heads of Operations and the Operations Assistants in each of our programme locations to effectively manage the administrative tasks and the financial practices under their responsibility. The Post-Holder will also directly supervise the Administrative Assistant in Frankfurt and the bookkeepers.

For the successful performance of the role, the Post-Holder will bring significant knowledge and management experience in the nonprofit, mission and/or social sector in multicultural contexts and, preferably, a good understanding of it being applied to contexts of high stress, displacement and vulnerability. The Post-Holder will also be available to travel internationally to All4Aid programme locations (e.g.: Greece, Cyprus, Romania/Ukraine,Spain and Turkey) as well as to attend conferences and speaking engagements for ca. eight (8) weeks per year.

1. All4Aid Programme Support Area: Administration

a) Help lead and manage All4Aid globally and shape the organisation’s future:

  • Work with the Managing Director to lead and define the strategies for All4Aid globally;
  • Participate in the annual strategic planning (evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision, and core values; development of key objectives and strategies; etc.);
  • Support the review, creation and development of policies and procedures;
  • Maintain monthly consolidated reporting for All4Aid as a global organisation;
  • Support the conduction of feasibility studies and the development of expansion plans.

b) Oversee All4Aid’s finances and implement best practices:

  • Work with the Managing Director and Heads of Operations to establish annual budgets;
  • Establish financial processes and financial oversight of All4Aid’s various legal entities;
  • Work to continually review and optimise financial policies and reporting processes;
  • Travel occasionally to All4Aid programme locations in order to train personnel on administrative and financial practices;
  • Monitoring and tracking grants and preparing financial reports to partners.

c) Ensure HR Support to All4Aid Long-Term Personnel:

  • Work together with the Managing Director and Heads of Operations to review and determine personnel needs, as well as supervise personnel development plans;
  • Support with the initial screening of potential long-term workers either through reviewing CVs, preliminary interviews and/or checking references, as needed;
  • Ensure that long-term personnel raising their funds through our accounts and legally employed at All4Aid are supported in the application of ethical fundraising practices, in the preparation and review of their personal budgets, in the tracking of their fund held in All4Aid accounts, as well as in administrative and bureaucratic issues, such as handling receipts, requesting reimbursements, acquiring insurances, etc.

d) Oversee the Administration Area:

  • Together with the Managing Director, manage the administration of the organisation and interaction with authorities, such as Finanzamt, Companies House, Municipal Office, Landlords, Utility Companies, etc., (with supported from the Admin Assistant);
  • Offer direction, encouragement and supervision to the work of the Administrative Assistant in the head office, especially as s/he handles correspondence and serves as a first point of contact to inquiries from short-term volunteers and receive and process their applications;

Essential characteristics and experience:

a) An undergraduate degree in a relevant subject combined with five (5) years of experience serving in a management, administrative and/or governance role in a church, nonprofit, mission or Christian organisation;

b) Able to lead, motivate and equip staff and volunteers to reach their full potential by helping them to identify, develop and utilise their gifts and abilities;

c) Working knowledge of Google WorkSpace, accounting softwares, budgeting, as well as significant knowledge of the best practices in management and finances;

d) Passionate about holistic ministry among displaced people and those living in contexts of extreme poverty, trauma and vulnerability;

e) Culturally sensitive (adaptable, interested in and sensitive to other cultures, aware of cultural differences and similarities between people without assigning them values);

f) Sympathetic with the ethos of All4Aid as a nonprofit organisation founded on the principles of the Christian Faith;

g) Open minded and passionate to embrace a multicultural organisational culture;

h) Flexible, creative, with excellent attention to detail;

i) Fluent English speaker (C1 advanced proficiency level);

k) Agreeable with the All4Aid’s vision, mission, values, code of conduct and policies;

l) Possessing initiative and ability to work independently;

m) Reliable, professional, resourceful, team oriented.

Desirable characteristics and experience:

a) Relevant experience working in cross cultural / multicultural contexts and/or with refugees;

b) Working knowledge of email marketing softwares (ActiveCampaign), Web Design (WordPress and Charitable Plugin) and payments softwares (WISE, PayPal and Stripe);

c) Minimum five (5) years of commitment;

d) European driver’s licence;

e) Knowledge of German, Greek, Turkish, Romanian or Spanish would be an advantage.


If you are interested in this position, please click on the button below to apply. During the online application process you will be required to:

  • Submit the application form, fully completed.
  • Write a Personal Statement outlining your motivation and relevant experience for the role.
  • Attach a resumé / CV, including educational and professional qualifications and a career history.
  • Give us the contact to two personal references.



If you would like to discuss this role on the phone before applying, please feel free to email our Managing Director Rodrigo Assis da Silva at to arrange a suitable time.