Fundraising for All4Aid

Starting an online fundraiser to support our work is very easy. It is done directly on our website and it only takes a minute to set it up!

1st step: define your strategy. You could ask for donations on your birthday, run a marathon, grow a moustache or dye your hair blue if you achieve your fundraiser’s goal! The possibilities are numerous and only limited by your creativity! Not keen on any of that? You can also set up a fundraiser without doing anything special.

2nd step: set up your campaign. Using the menu below, choose if you would like to raise money for the All4Aid General Fund, for the special fund of an All4Aid worker, or for All4Aid’s work in a particular location. Then choose if you want to do this fundraiser as an individual or as a team. To finish set up: a) give a title to your fundraiser, b) set your Euro (€) goal and end date and d) type your details. That is it! You are ready to start raising money!

3rd step: spread the word. Tell everyone about your fundraiser. Use social media, text messages and e-mails to share the link to your campaign page and ask people to donate. Don’t be shy! The more people you tell, the better! 

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  1. Cyprus Warmth

    Larnaca, Cyprus
    The Cyprus winter has been very cold, and we are in need of blankets to distribute!
    € 0 donated