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Community Volunteers

All4Aid works with and alongside refugees. We do not only provide services for them but also intentionally make space for them to become a part of our mission to support their own refugee community. Community Volunteers are refugees who decide to serve as part of  our All4Aid team at one of our Community Centres.

While the women on Lesvos wait at camp for any news on their asylum process their days go by with not very much to do. This whole process takes a great toll on the women mentally and also physically. Serving at All4Aid helps them to have a sense of purpose; they feel useful and valued as they use their experience and skills and also feel that they are growing and developing as they learn new skills. 

The jobs Community Volunteers do will vary.  It may be doing the women’s and girls hair or nails, running showers, playing with the children or serving at the Food Bank or Women’s Shop. They also help with communication and with administrative work at the office. 

“I have been happy and feel liberated since I started working at All4Aid. I no longer sit in my tent all day and wait, but I have a purpose in life.” 

“It’s good because I can work and then I don’t think so much. If I have nothing to do, I wait for my asylum application decision and then I have a lot of stress again. And I love the All4Aid team, they always help me.”

We are very grateful to work side by side with our Community Volunteers to help and learn from each other. 

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Babies and Toddlers Playgroup in Cyprus

Another part of our Mothers & Babies Care Program in Cyprus is the babies and toddlers playgroup that we run once a week. 

Together with the mothers and their children we have a little snack time where we prepare some fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers and cookies or things from the bakery with coffee and tea. If there’s a birthday that we know about we will bake a cake! We have different areas with toys, games and puzzles for the kids and spend some time where we engage interactively. We sing songs together and play games with the children. 

Even in this informal setting, we are always ready to offer the mothers some help and guidance on topics around parenthood and child raising in this new cultural environment where they can feel quite alone. They often come from a background where the extended family (and sometimes even the whole village offers support with raising a child). Now in Cyprus they are confronted with new ways of raising their children, and much less support. 

The aim of this group is to bring refugee mothers together, for them to exchange experiences, connect with one another and also relax, as the children are otherwise entertained for a little while. 

At the end of our playgroup session we often sing: “he’s got the whole world in his hands”, naming every child that is present, giving them a special moment. Please join us in prayer for the refugee children and their families that we serve here in Cyprus!

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Mother and Baby Care Program Cyprus

The Mothers & Babies Care is one of the most impactful programmes we run in Cyprus. Pregnant refugee women are often sent to us by word of mouth and we build a relationship with them both at our centre and through home visits, if they like it. These visits allow us to talk privately and hear their expectations and fears on giving birth in a different country. 

One of our main tasks is simply to share information and encourage pregnant women, so they can stand up for themselves and know that their opinion, wants and questions are valuable and should be heard, especially when at the  hospital giving birth. Our team also shares some practical tips with the women (especially those who are having a child for the first time), for instance, discussing with them the three most important things that a baby needs: safety, nourishment (breast milk, if possible) and love. 

Hospital bags are another part of our program: before the pregnant women go to the hospital to give birth they receive a bag with a nightgown, hygiene articles, a towel, clothing and diapers for the baby. When the baby is born they receive another gift that is diapers, a new clothing set for the newborn and a toy. 

The women really appreciate our support and care during pregnancy and in motherhood. Many special bonds have been formed through this ministry over the past years. And this has only been possible through your support! Please continue to send your donations so that we can purchase the contents for the hospital bags and please keep praying for these refugee women and for safe deliveries!

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Women’s Shop Lesvos

One of our main programmes on Lesvos is our  Shop, where we offer women’s clothing and children’s clothing. There are also some shelves with hygiene items and things they can use in their dwellings like cups and plates. Some things are in little bundles, like laundry pegs or hair bands which they can also receive as one item. 

At our center’s reception the women get a ticket stating their name and exactly how many items they may choose (according to the number of people in their family). They then  enter the Shop in small groups to look around and check what items they would like to choose. All items are handed out for free. 

Many refugees arrive on the island of Lesvos only with the clothes they are wearing and very few belongings. The items we offer at the Shop are meant to meet some of their great needs and  help them in their everyday life.

Following our concept to care for refugees but also support the local economy, nearly 100% of the items  we offer in our shop are bought from local vendors on Lesvos. It is your financial donations that make it possible for us to give the women these essential items  that play a part in restoring their dignity. To give today, go to:

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Being Creative Together

Women and girls come to All4Aid’s centre in Lesvos to shower, wash their clothes or simply  to get a little break from life inside the camp.  In our community hospitality area they can drink tea, sit together and crochet for example. We always have some balls of yarn available for them. They can relax and do their nails, dry and straighten their hair if they like. Volunteers can offer to braid hair or learn new ways of doing hair. We also try to offer a variety of fun engaging activities such as making jewellery together.  It is very special for them to receive something pretty like an earring to take back to their dwelling. It is a rewarding experience to give and receive from each other. 

Do you have any skills you would like to share? We would love to have you join us for a volunteer experience of your own! Are you interested?

Click the button “get involved” up top for more information.

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Networking Event in Cyprus

Two weeks ago some of the members of All4Aid were invited to speak at a networking event entitled Bridging Services in Cyprus. 

Our Head of Operations in Cyprus was able to share his experience of workilinlng with refugees and talk about All4Aid’s programmes, opportunities and challenges . 

The main purpose of the event was to facilitate networking between organisations operating across Cyprus and to enable an exchange of experiences. 

We at All4Aid are really grateful to be part of networks that support displaced people and  collaborate with one another to make their lives better. Your donations also help our work immensely.

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International Women’s Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we want to take a moment to thank all women connected to All4Aid’s work. We want to recognize you and all the contributions you make.

Thank you to all our female staff members, for all your hard work, commitment and love for our ministry on a daily basis.

Thank you to all our short-term female volunteers for taking the time out of your life to give love to displaced people, for serving and spreading hope.

Thank you to our female community volunteers (refugees who serve with us) for the privilege of working alongside you and learning from you. We value and respect you.

Thank you to all women who send prayers and donate their money towards our work and vision of seeing displaced people attain life in all its fullness. 

Above all, a big thank you to all refugee women that we serve and come in contact with through our work. Thank you for allowing us to serve alongside you during this challenging time of your life. Your courage and resilience is an inspiration to us all!

Who are you thankful for today?

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Laundry Service

One of our main programmes at the All4Aid Centre on Lesvos is the Laundry Room. The women get a ticket at our entrance reception area with a date and a time slot when they can come and use the washing machines. Their clothes are washed in a setting that runs for 1h15min on 60°C in order to help fight illnesses (e.g.: scabies) which are so common in the refugee camp. While they wait for their laundry to be done they can take showers, do crochet, drink tea, get a spa treatment or take part in activities.

Their options for washing their clothing inside the camp are very limited. So coming to our centre and then back to their dwelling in camp with clean and good smelling clothes is very special to them!

In order for us to run our programmes such as the laundry room we rely on donations. Everything we do is made possible through your support! Click the link in our bio to donate today!

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All4Aid at the RHP Roundtable in Poland

This past weekend some members of the All4Aid team, including four of our directors,  attended the RHP Roundtable in Warsaw, Poland. This is an annual conference organised by the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP), a network that  brings together hundreds of Christian leaders engaged with refugee ministry throughout Europe.

Haniele, our Head of Programme, took part in a panel in the Saturday plenary, where she shared her experiences and insights on serving with displaced people on Lesvos, Greece. Rodrigo, our Managing Director, who also serves in the RHP Leadership Team, spoke at the Friday plenary about the Vision for the future of the RHP Europe.

We at All4Aid are really grateful to be part of a network of ministries and leaders who share the same passion for showing God’s love to displaced people as we do, and who are very keen to work in collaboration with one another!


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Invasion of Ukraine – 2 Years

Today marks two years since the invasion of Ukraine began. Our hearts are heavy as the violence continues to impact the lives of countless people. The loss of life, displacement, and destruction of homes and communities is an ongoing tragedy that cannot be ignored.

During the past two years, All4Aid was able to make 22 humanitarian trips to Ukraine, taking in average 6 pallets (ca. 3 tons) of aid on each trip; that is, ca. 9.000,00 Euros worth of food and hygiene items on each trip. We have also offered safe accommodation to hundreds of Ukrainians who fled to Romania.

We stand with Ukraine today and continue to hope for peace. We remain committed to taking aid into Ukraine as frequently as funds permit. We will also continue to run our House of Grace in Bucharest as a safe place for displaced Ukrainians.

We thank every private donor for your giving towards this cause, and we also thank each one of the supporting churches and organisational partners who gave to this cause these past two years.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ukraine today.

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