Campaign Category: Special

Christmas Appeal

Based on the principle of “equal sacrifice, not equal giving”, we are asking you to make a single donation to this special campaign equivalent to the amount that you pay for one month’s rent. The aim is to raise 1.5 million euros and buy a building to offer decent and safe accommodation for refugees, specially those from minority groups (e.g.: Christians and Yazidi) who are at risk.

The host countries like Germany normally offer accommodation to asylum seekers in container homes, sport halls, shared apartments and hostels. In those settings, dozens of asylum seekers share a living space. That can be challenging and dangerous for asylum seekers belonging to refugee minority groups, especially Christians.

report from Open Doors Mission shows that hundreds of Christian and Yazidi refugees in Germany have been suffering violent attacks simply because of their faith. The perpetrators are often refugees from other religions with whom they share a living space. We want to give them a decent and safe accommodation, so that they are free to profess their faith without being fearful, without feeling vulnerable.

The government would normally pay a rent on behalf of refugees finding a place to rent. It does not happen so often because only a few landlords agree to have a refugee as tenant. When we have our building the rental income we will receive from the government will be invested into our various programmes serving refugees and asylum seekers. That makes your single donation here almost perennial, that will make our organisation almost self-sustainable.

Please donate to our special fundraising campaign: One Month Rent!