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Invasion of Ukraine – 2 Years

Today marks two years since the invasion of Ukraine began. Our hearts are heavy as the violence continues to impact the lives of countless people. The loss of life, displacement, and destruction of homes and communities is an ongoing tragedy that cannot be ignored.

During the past two years, All4Aid was able to make 22 humanitarian trips to Ukraine, taking in average 6 pallets (ca. 3 tons) of aid on each trip; that is, ca. 9.000,00 Euros worth of food and hygiene items on each trip. We have also offered safe accommodation to hundreds of Ukrainians who fled to Romania.

We stand with Ukraine today and continue to hope for peace. We remain committed to taking aid into Ukraine as frequently as funds permit. We will also continue to run our House of Grace in Bucharest as a safe place for displaced Ukrainians.

We thank every private donor for your giving towards this cause, and we also thank each one of the supporting churches and organisational partners who gave to this cause these past two years.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ukraine today.

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Volunteering with All4Aid

In 2023 we processed 252 volunteer applications and welcomed 92 international, short-term volunteers in our All4Aid Centres in Lesvos and Cyprus to serve for 1 week to 3 months. Those are individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups, students, professionals and retirees, coming from countries such as the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Brasil, and France.

Our international short-term volunteers, alongside our long-term team and community volunteers (refugees who serve with us), help at the centre in activities such us: running our laundry room and shower room, doing distributions at our FoodBank, offering SPA treatment to the refugee ladies and engaging in arts and crafts activities and fellowship time at our hospitality area. There are also lots of behind the scenes jobs like bagging bulk food items into smaller packs, sorting through clothes, reorganising and restocking the FoodBank and the Women’s Shop. 

Have you already volunteered with us? Would you like to come and volunteer with us? Do you have any questions about volunteering? Let us know in the comments! 

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Mission’s Trip Multination Church Frankfurt

This week we have two members from Multination Church in Frankfurt, the church where  All4Aid’s work started out of, lending their support on Lesvos. 

Kim is the Pastor’s wife and she is volunteering for the  first time at the All4Aid Centre on Lesvos.

Rahel serves as our Communications Assistant in our Frankfurt office and she is also experiencing Lesvos for the first time this week, collecting lots of impressions and content. Follow more of their journey in our Stories!

We are very grateful to @Multinationchurch for the longstanding support and prayers through the years!

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Beneficiary Food Donation

Two weeks ago we received a very special donation!

Former beneficiaries of the All4Aid Centre in Cyprus brought us shopping carts filled with food items for distribution at our FoodBank. They have chosen to bless other newly arrived refugees even though they themselves are still struggling to find work and have little money. Let their generosity be an inspiration to us all. What can we give today?

To make a donation to All4Aid, please click the “GIVE” button.

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Beneficiaries served on Lesvos in 2023

As we look back to last year’s work on Lesvos, we want to share some insights with you. 

We provided 3.695 high-quality loads of laundry in 2023. Each wash ran for 1h15min on 60°C in order to help fight the skin diseases and illnesses (e.g.: scabies) which are so common within the refugee camp community. 

We offered warm showers to 3.966 women and girls in 2023. Each shower was offered with comfortable, standardised temperature and water pressure. All necessary items such as towels, shampoo, and cream were included.

We provided food to 5.984 women and their families at our FoodBank, and clothing and hygiene items to 2.281 women and 2.485 children in 2023. All items were handed out for free and in a relational way where refugees could choose the items they like.

Our Spa Programme, which includes a foot washing and massage, served 374 women last year. Hundreds of other women also benefited from our Hair & Nail Care and from good fellowship and conversations at our Hospitality Area.

We cannot thank you enough for your partnership and amazing support of our programmes on Lesvos in 2023! We need all the help we can get to continue our work in 2024, as the camp population is now close to 6.000 refugees on Lesvos.

Click the buttons “Get Involved” and “GIVE” for more detailed information on how to volunteer and give.

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Beneficiaries served in Cyprus in 2023

As we look back to last year’s work in Cyprus, we want to share some insights with you.

In 2023 our All4Aid Centre in Cyprus served close to 5.000 refugees and their families! 2.077 people came to collect food at our FoodBank and 2.131 people came to collect free clothes, kitchenware and hygiene items at our Shop. Several men, women and children also benefited from our Women’s Support Group, our Mother & Baby Care Programme, our Language Classes and our Therapeutic Support Group.

Thank you very much for your support and partnership in 2023! 

In order for our programs to continue running and be successful in 2024 we need your continued prayers, volunteering and donations. Can you give at least one week of your time to volunteer with us and see our work first hand? Can you make a one off donation or even a monthly donation to help cover our programme costs?

Click the buttons “Get Involved” and “GIVE” for more detailed information on the opportunities to volunteer and give and let us know if you have any questions.

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