Our History

The beginning of All4Aid is connected to the ministry of Multination Church (formerly known as Bethel International Baptist Church) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2014, the church started providing a safe house (also called church asylum or sanctuary) for refugees. Dormitories for refugees were created by adapting a Sunday School classroom and the pastor’s office. Refugees – mostly Christians from persecuted countries – came to live at the church to avoid deportation and earn the right to have their asylum requests processed in Germany.

Because of the church asylum ministry, a criminal investigation was opened against Rev Rodrigo Assis da Silva, lead pastor of Multination Church at the time, on charges of assisting illegal migrants. Following the launch of a petition campaign called “Respect for Church Asylum”, which gathered the support of thousands of people from all over the world, all charges were dropped. In the following years, the refugees who lived in the church were all granted asylum in Germany. They also integrated into their local communities, learned the language, found jobs and are living happily and safely in Germany to this day. 

After being exonerated, Rodrigo founded All4Aid in 2017 to catalyse even more support towards refugees. Several friends joined the project by offering prayers, financial support and even joining as full-time volunteers. In February 2019, after running a few programmes in Germany, All4Aid was offered the opportunity to take over the management of a centre in front of Moria Camp. This was the birth of our long-term presence on Lesvos, Greece. 

(Photo: pastor’s office turned into a dormitory at Bethel IBC church).

Who We Are

We are a group of friends called to work together with refugees and asylum seekers: individuals and families who had to flee their homes due to war, persecution or disaster. We are registered in Germany as a nonprofit organisation with a global scope of action (All4Aid gGmbH). We are also registered as a NGO in Greece (All4Aid MKO). Currently, most of our work is based near the Mavrovouni Refugee Camp (also called Moria Camp 2.0), on the island of Lesvos, Greece.

Displaced people attaining life in all its fullness (John 10:10b).

To work with displaced people to enhance their quality of life by facilitating humanitarian assistance, cultivating social inclusion and fostering educational development.

The values that guide our actions and the way we work are based on the principles of the Christian Faith and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Caring about and having a genuine love for people facing displacement.

Doing everything to the best of our ability, with boldness and dedication.

Affirming equal rights to a life with dignity for people of all backgrounds.

Being accountable and transparent in all areas and levels of our work.

Collaborating with like-minded people, churches & organisations.

Serving with modesty and valuing the skills of the displaced people.


Meet the Team

All our workers either serve voluntarily or raise their own personal support to serve with All4Aid. This deputised approach to personnel funding enables us to use the money from public donations directly towards our programmes with refugees.

Rodrigo Assis da Silva

Managing Director

Rodrigo is a Brazilian-born Christian Theologian and Global Development Professional. He brings over 12 years of experience working in churches, mission organisations and nonprofits in three continents: South America (Brazil), Africa (Mozambique) and Europe (UK, Germany and Greece).

Danielle Aguilar

Associate Managing Director

Danielle is an Uruguayan-American Business professional. She brings significant experience working in the finance sector in the hospitality industry, as well as experience serving in social projects in Spain and Brazil and in refugee camps in Germany and Greece.


  The All4Aid team is composed of 10 international workers, 2 Greek employees and 20 community volunteers, most of whom are currently on Lesvos, Greece. For security reasons we are temporarily not displaying their photos and full details.

Advisory Board

The members of our advisory board have experience in several areas relevant to our work and come from diverse geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds. Their voluntary role is to advise the managing director in the development of strategies for All4id’s work, helping to advance and maintain the health of the organisation.

Fernando Almeida

Theresa MacNeil

Peter Musembi

Victor Wedemann

Katharina N. Martinez

Emilio Herazo