Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organisation working together and in support of people affected by poverty and injustice. Our primary focus is on aiding refugees and asylum seekers: individuals, families and children who fled their homes due to war, persecution or disaster. We are unapologetically committed to the use a lean structure and a startup mentality where, for instance, the majority of our workers raise their own salaries. All in order to bring a fresh, non-traditional, and cost-effective approach to our aid work. 

Our Values

Our values are based on the principles of the Christian Faith and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:


Having compassion and a genuine concern for aiding those in need.


Functioning free from external control (religious/political groups).


Affirming equal rights to a life with dignity for people of all backgrounds.


Being accountable and transparent at all areas and levels of our work.


Working with like-minded individuals, groups, churches & organisations.


Conducting our work with humility and a sensible staff compensation.

Our Team

Rodrigo Assis da Silva

Managing Director

Rodrigo is a Brazilian-born Christian Theologian and Global Development Professional. He brings 12 years of experience working in the third sector among churches, community organisations and social projects in three continents: South America (Brazil), Africa (Mozambique) and Europe (Wales, England and Germany). Rodrigo’s main task at All4Aid is to lead the organisation to fulfil its vision, oversee the work we do and help to raise the funds for our projects. You can contact him at: rodrigo.assis@all4aid.org

Danielle Aguilar

Director of International Programmes

Danielle is an Uruguayan American Business Administration professional. She brings significant experience working in the finances sector in the hospitality industry, as well as experience serving in social projects in Spain and Brazil and in refugee camps in Germany and Greece. Danielle’s main task at All4Aid is to help supervise our programmes and lead our initiative to provide sustainable feminine pads for women living in refugee camps. She can be contacted on: danielle.aguilar@all4aid.org


Director of Community Engagement

Phillip is an American-born Logistics and Sales specialist and a passionate Christian Biker who has lived in Germany most of his life. He brings 25 years of professional experience, volunteer experience serving at the camp in Lesbos, fluency in the German language and a desire to serve those in need as a way of putting faith into action.
Phillip’s main task at All4Aid is to speak about our work in churches, schools and community groups in Europe. He can be invited via: phillip.vandergrift@all4aid.org


Director of Operations & Finances

Robert is a German-born Hungarian descendant sales and accounting professional and an accountant specialist in training. He brings years of professional experience in the financial and public sector. The experience of coming from a family who fled the war in former Yugoslavia is for him a big motivation to help refugees. Robert’s main task at All4Aid is to make sure our operational and financial processes run professionally and according to the law. He can be reached at: robert.kajdoci@all4aid.org