New Look and New Services at the All4Aid Centre on Lesvos!

We have been busy making improvements to better serve refugees at our All4Aid Centre in Lesvos, Greece! Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to:

Inspired by a volunteer’s suggestion, we created a dedicated space for women to relax, nap, or find some quiet time. We hope this provides not just physical rest but also a chance to connect with inner peace.

Thanks to another thoughtful volunteer, we now have a Guest Book where refugees can leave messages of hope and encouragement for each other as they move on from Lesvos.

We’ve installed a new pull out shower head in our Women & Girls Shower Room to make showering easier and more enjoyable for the children.

And we have brightened up the hospitality area with a fresh coat of paint thanks to an American group of volunteers from Calvary Church of Santa Ana [@calvarylife; @lesvos__calvary] that are currently serving with us.

We’re so grateful for our volunteers’ ideas and compassionate spirit that allow us to better serve refugees during this challenging time.

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