Community Volunteers

All4Aid works with and alongside refugees. We do not only provide services for them but also intentionally make space for them to become a part of our mission to support their own refugee community. Community Volunteers are refugees who decide to serve as part of  our All4Aid team at one of our Community Centres.

While the women on Lesvos wait at camp for any news on their asylum process their days go by with not very much to do. This whole process takes a great toll on the women mentally and also physically. Serving at All4Aid helps them to have a sense of purpose; they feel useful and valued as they use their experience and skills and also feel that they are growing and developing as they learn new skills. 

The jobs Community Volunteers do will vary.  It may be doing the women’s and girls hair or nails, running showers, playing with the children or serving at the Food Bank or Women’s Shop. They also help with communication and with administrative work at the office. 

“I have been happy and feel liberated since I started working at All4Aid. I no longer sit in my tent all day and wait, but I have a purpose in life.” 

“It’s good because I can work and then I don’t think so much. If I have nothing to do, I wait for my asylum application decision and then I have a lot of stress again. And I love the All4Aid team, they always help me.”

We are very grateful to work side by side with our Community Volunteers to help and learn from each other. 

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