Babies and Toddlers Playgroup in Cyprus

Another part of our Mothers & Babies Care Program in Cyprus is the babies and toddlers playgroup that we run once a week. 

Together with the mothers and their children we have a little snack time where we prepare some fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers and cookies or things from the bakery with coffee and tea. If there’s a birthday that we know about we will bake a cake! We have different areas with toys, games and puzzles for the kids and spend some time where we engage interactively. We sing songs together and play games with the children. 

Even in this informal setting, we are always ready to offer the mothers some help and guidance on topics around parenthood and child raising in this new cultural environment where they can feel quite alone. They often come from a background where the extended family (and sometimes even the whole village offers support with raising a child). Now in Cyprus they are confronted with new ways of raising their children, and much less support. 

The aim of this group is to bring refugee mothers together, for them to exchange experiences, connect with one another and also relax, as the children are otherwise entertained for a little while. 

At the end of our playgroup session we often sing: “he’s got the whole world in his hands”, naming every child that is present, giving them a special moment. Please join us in prayer for the refugee children and their families that we serve here in Cyprus!

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