Mother and Baby Care Program Cyprus

The Mothers & Babies Care is one of the most impactful programmes we run in Cyprus. Pregnant refugee women are often sent to us by word of mouth and we build a relationship with them both at our centre and through home visits, if they like it. These visits allow us to talk privately and hear their expectations and fears on giving birth in a different country. 

One of our main tasks is simply to share information and encourage pregnant women, so they can stand up for themselves and know that their opinion, wants and questions are valuable and should be heard, especially when at the  hospital giving birth. Our team also shares some practical tips with the women (especially those who are having a child for the first time), for instance, discussing with them the three most important things that a baby needs: safety, nourishment (breast milk, if possible) and love. 

Hospital bags are another part of our program: before the pregnant women go to the hospital to give birth they receive a bag with a nightgown, hygiene articles, a towel, clothing and diapers for the baby. When the baby is born they receive another gift that is diapers, a new clothing set for the newborn and a toy. 

The women really appreciate our support and care during pregnancy and in motherhood. Many special bonds have been formed through this ministry over the past years. And this has only been possible through your support! Please continue to send your donations so that we can purchase the contents for the hospital bags and please keep praying for these refugee women and for safe deliveries!

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