Women’s Shop Lesvos

One of our main programmes on Lesvos is our  Shop, where we offer women’s clothing and children’s clothing. There are also some shelves with hygiene items and things they can use in their dwellings like cups and plates. Some things are in little bundles, like laundry pegs or hair bands which they can also receive as one item. 

At our center’s reception the women get a ticket stating their name and exactly how many items they may choose (according to the number of people in their family). They then  enter the Shop in small groups to look around and check what items they would like to choose. All items are handed out for free. 

Many refugees arrive on the island of Lesvos only with the clothes they are wearing and very few belongings. The items we offer at the Shop are meant to meet some of their great needs and  help them in their everyday life.

Following our concept to care for refugees but also support the local economy, nearly 100% of the items  we offer in our shop are bought from local vendors on Lesvos. It is your financial donations that make it possible for us to give the women these essential items  that play a part in restoring their dignity. To give today, go to: all4aid.org/give.

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