Being Creative Together

Women and girls come to All4Aid’s centre in Lesvos to shower, wash their clothes or simply  to get a little break from life inside the camp.  In our community hospitality area they can drink tea, sit together and crochet for example. We always have some balls of yarn available for them. They can relax and do their nails, dry and straighten their hair if they like. Volunteers can offer to braid hair or learn new ways of doing hair. We also try to offer a variety of fun engaging activities such as making jewellery together.  It is very special for them to receive something pretty like an earring to take back to their dwelling. It is a rewarding experience to give and receive from each other. 

Do you have any skills you would like to share? We would love to have you join us for a volunteer experience of your own! Are you interested?

Click the button “get involved” up top for more information.

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