Laundry Service

One of our main programmes at the All4Aid Centre on Lesvos is the Laundry Room. The women get a ticket at our entrance reception area with a date and a time slot when they can come and use the washing machines. Their clothes are washed in a setting that runs for 1h15min on 60°C in order to help fight illnesses (e.g.: scabies) which are so common in the refugee camp. While they wait for their laundry to be done they can take showers, do crochet, drink tea, get a spa treatment or take part in activities.

Their options for washing their clothing inside the camp are very limited. So coming to our centre and then back to their dwelling in camp with clean and good smelling clothes is very special to them!

In order for us to run our programmes such as the laundry room we rely on donations. Everything we do is made possible through your support! Click the link in our bio to donate today!

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