Beneficiaries served on Lesvos in 2023

As we look back to last year’s work on Lesvos, we want to share some insights with you. 

We provided 3.695 high-quality loads of laundry in 2023. Each wash ran for 1h15min on 60°C in order to help fight the skin diseases and illnesses (e.g.: scabies) which are so common within the refugee camp community. 

We offered warm showers to 3.966 women and girls in 2023. Each shower was offered with comfortable, standardised temperature and water pressure. All necessary items such as towels, shampoo, and cream were included.

We provided food to 5.984 women and their families at our FoodBank, and clothing and hygiene items to 2.281 women and 2.485 children in 2023. All items were handed out for free and in a relational way where refugees could choose the items they like.

Our Spa Programme, which includes a foot washing and massage, served 374 women last year. Hundreds of other women also benefited from our Hair & Nail Care and from good fellowship and conversations at our Hospitality Area.

We cannot thank you enough for your partnership and amazing support of our programmes on Lesvos in 2023! We need all the help we can get to continue our work in 2024, as the camp population is now close to 6.000 refugees on Lesvos.

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