Saying Goodbye to Danielle!

It is a season of goodbyes at All4Aid. Today we bid farewell to Danielle who, after nearly 5 years of All4Aid, is moving to take on a new challenge (following a time of transition serving together at our centre in Cyprus, Danielle and her husband Filipe are moving to a new country to work with refugees and diaspora communities of Asia and the Arab world fully under the organisation where he has been serving for many years).

Danielle was one of the first persons who believed in our vision, leaving a thriving career in the hospitality sector to serve full-time as one of the directors of All4Aid. Having a business degree, a genuine heart to see refugees attain life in all its fullness, and an incredible ability to lead with humility and professionalism, Danielle has been a main pillar of All4Aid in the past years.

From masterfully writing grant proposals and strategic plans, to skilfully shaping the day-to-day operation of our centres, to safely coordinating the evacuation of our teams when violence broke out, to successfully designing our short-term volunteers experience – Danielle’s fingerprints can be seen everywhere in the work that we do and, especially, in how we do it: with compassion and excellence!

It has been an absolute joy and honour to have Danielle as part of our team and as one of our leaders all these years. Through her work and leadership the lives of many displaced people have been touched and transformed. We are also very grateful for the support we received from Filipe in key areas of All4Aid’s work in Cyprus and in our member care area during these past few months of transition.

Dear Danielle, as you leave All4Aid we can’t thank you enough for your years of service, dedication and for your friendship. We pray that God may guide you in your new journey and that He may continue to use you even more powerfully in the future as the great leader that you are! May God bless you and Filipe in your new journey!


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