Saying Goodbye to Mahgul!

Last year, an Afghani young lady asked us for a job opportunity. Despite having a Masters degree, being fluent in English and having German C1 level, it was difficult for her to land a job, because she had no work experience in Germany.

Her request came at a good time. As our workload had increased a lot due to our Ukrainian Response Programme, we brought her into our team on a 1-year temporary contract to help us with administration and communication tasks.

It has been such a joy to work with her! Always smiling, always eager to learn and to bring her knowledge to the job. She got along so well with everyone in the team that, naturally, she went from being a work colleague to becoming a friend to us all!

Dear Mahgul, as you leave All4Aid, we want to thank you for your service and for your friendship. We are very proud of you and very happy that the experience working at All4Aid played such an important part in helping you land an amazing new job elsewhere, just at the right time! May God bless you in your new journey!


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