Working with and Alongside Refugees

At All4Aid, we make a point to work with and alongside displaced people on the move.  

The lady in the photo (left) is a gifted young woman from Sierra Leone. She has been serving as a community volunteer at the All4Aid Community Centre on Lesvos, Greece, for the past three months. She has been taking care of the shower rooms, welcoming people at our FoodBank, keeping the storage area clean and tidy, as well as welcoming other refugee women and girls in the hospitality area. 

Finally, after some time in Lesvos, Greece, she has received her paperwork and is soon travelling to start her new life elsewhere. This photo above shows her doing a handover and explaining her job to another young woman, our new international volunteer who just arrived on Lesvos. 

Seeing her attitude, dedication and diligence, as well as her passion to help other refugee women and girls and explaining the work to new volunteers is really inspirational and a big encouragement for all of us to be helpful and kind. 

We thank our friend from Sierra Leone for being an inspiration to us all and we wish her a bright future.

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