Repainting Outdoor Tables – Larnaca, Cyprus

Summer is coming soon and this is the perfect time to repaint outdoor tables! This might not seem like an important job but the tables we are painting are part of the hospitality area in our Community Centre in Larnaca, Cyprus, the space we use to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. That is where we drink tea together and socialise, even as they wait to access other services at the centre such as clothing or food distribution.

Following our concept of working with and alongside displaced people, the refugees and asylum seekers who volunteer at our centre were also part of this effort and we painted the outdoor tables together. This made the whole process even more special!  

If you are looking for an impactful way to spend time this year, please consider volunteering with us in Cyprus or Greece. You will be working alongside an amazing group of fellow volunteers from around the world as well as refugees and asylum seekers in a variety of areas. Come and share your passion for service with us!









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