Food to Ukraine – Parts 12 to 14

Our managing director – Rodrigo Assis da Silva – continued to document his trip to Ukraine. Together with the All4Aid team in Romania, he delivered our shipment of food and hygiene items to our two church partners in the Odessa Oblast region, Ukraine. They also enjoy a time of fellowship over a meal with our Ukrainian partners, to catch up with them and hear more about the needs as the winter approaches.

The Russians have been focusing their attacks on Ukraine’s electricity and water infrastructure. The two churches and the neighbourhood around them are already without electricity. The food distribution programme, nonetheless, continues, even in the dark, in the cold and under the rain! Truly inspirational work!
Rodrigo and the team are now safe and outside Ukrainian territory! But they did experience a tense moment on the way back. They left as a convoy, with the All4Aid vehicles following each other. At the first roadblock they encountered, the Ukrainian military asked them to turn off the headlights and drive slowly in the pitch dark for some kilometres. The region was at risk of Russian drone strikes!
At All4Aid we work professionally and hard to minimise risks and make sure that, as we meet needs, the benefit and impact we produce outweighs the risks we take. But no trip to a war affected country can be made 100% safe. Please continue to pray for our All4Aid team in Romania, as they make this trip to Ukraine nearly every week!

* We have asked Rodrigo to document this trip for us in more detail. This post is the last of a series of behind-the-scenes posts that Rodrigo has shared with insights on how the work is done and the situation in Ukraine.

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