New House for Ukrainian Refugees

Meet All4Aid’s House of Hope 2 in Bucharest, Romania!

As we continue to provide accommodation to ca. 80 Ukrainian refugees in different houses in and around Bucharest, the owner of the largest house we used needed the building back and asked if we could relocate. Thank God we quickly found another suitable house to rent! The new house is larger and more centrally located. So, this turned out to be a blessing to our team, who will have to travel less within the city to visit our houses as they support our Ukrainian guests.

Moving our guests – ca. 30 Roma-Ukrainians (one of the most vulnerable groups who fled Ukraine) – and all the furniture to the new house was not an easy task and took, literally, the whole day! Our All4Aid local team worked tirelessly alongside our Ukrainian adult guests on the move. The photo was taken at the end of the moving day.

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