Spa Treatments – Lesvos, Greece

Who does not like a nice spa treatment?

This week, we started a pilot service providing spa treatments for women and girls at our Centre on Lesvos. We started with foot washing, foot massage and foot exfoliation. The idea of the pilot is to provide a few treatments for some time, see what people like the most and evaluate which treatments we could offer on an ongoing basis.

From the beginning, our goal for our Centre on Lesvos has been to be much more than a shower and laundry facility, a FoodBank and a Shop for distribution of clothing and hygiene items. We have always been committed to make our Centre on Lesvos a place of temporary rest and peace, a place where especially women and girls feel welcomed, supported and loved. 

The spa treatments are just another way to demonstrate our love. Starting with foot washing is just a way to symbolically exhibit our commitment to serve humbly (one of our core values). 

Would you like to serve with us on Lesvos? Do you have the skills to do massage, hair cuts, nail polish or any other spa and beauty treatments or even just a heart to serve in any other capacity? Visit the link in our bio to see our volunteer opportunities. We would love to hear from you!


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