World Refugee Day 2022

In the past weeks, we have watched as the UNHCR has announced that the world has officially surpassed 100 million displaced people. Today, on World Refugee Day, we want to not only reaffirm that we stand with refugees, but also to reflect with you what standing with refugees can look like. 

At All4Aid, standing with refugees can look like a variety of things. Whether it is welcoming a single mom at our Food Bank on Lesvos, providing shelter for a Ukrainian family in Bucharest, or getting new clothes into the hands of displaced men and women on Cyprus, we strive daily to see refugees attaining life in all its fullness. 

How do you personally stand with refugees? What does standing with refugees look like in your community? Feel free to click in our social media icons below and use the comments in our Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to share any ideas and insights.