Third House for Ukrainian Refugees Completed

Great work continues to go on in Romania in support of Ukrainian refugees! Last month, we completed the setup of our third and largest housing unit in Bucharest: the House of Hope. Following our principle of working with refugees, and not only for refugees, we even invited the Ukrainians staying at the other All4Aid houses to come and help. They gladly assembled beds, fixed curtains and did many other jobs to help make House of Hope a beautiful and comfortable place for the new Ukrainian refugees who are now living there.

With several rooms spread over more than 250 sqm of living space, the House of Hope is able to comfortably accommodate 40 refugees, the vast majority of whom are women and children. The house offers bedrooms with proper beds and beddings, a good number of bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, as well as a common area / living room. In the area outside there is even a playground for the children.

We are very grateful for all the prayers, encouragement, financial donations and volunteering support we have received to make our work with Ukrainian refugees possible! The houses are basically set up but the work is far from over! We still need your support in this new phase of the work as we manage the houses, provide food for our guests and offer them help with transportation.