Food Bank Launch – Lesvos,Greece

When was the last time you went into the supermarket to buy something? Surely you looked at your list, chose the products you were looking for, went to the cashier and paid, right?

This is so automatic in our daily lives that we often don’t stop to reflect that there are countless people who don’t have the opportunity to make choices like this.

Last month we launched a new Food Bank project at the All4Aid Centre on Lesvos, Greece, in order to help meet the food needs of women and their families, and allow them to make choices like this.

This project aims to offer an opportunity for people on the move to have the possibility to choose food of their own. The food bank is similar to a supermarket (except that everything is free), and each woman can select a quantity of food proportional to the size of her family.

Based on our values of providing the possibility of each person making their own choices, this creates another opportunity where they can choose the foods of their preference.Through feedback from the community, we seek to offer foods that are part of the culture and context of their homes. In the month of March, we successfully distributed over 2.200 kg of food using this model to 322 women and families.

If you want to participate and contribute to this project, click on the link in our bio to learn more.