Ukrainian Refugee Response: House of Grace

This past week, All4Aid began hosting Ukrainian refugees at our beautiful and newly set up House of Grace, in Romania. This is one of three housing units we have been working hard to set up since the beginning of the crisis, the others being the House of Peace (opening tomorrow) and the House of Hope (a large former kindergarten building for which we received concession of use by the local county to adapt into housing).
Aiming to go above and beyond minimum humanitarian standards, our idea was that our housing units should look, as much as possible, like normal houses, offering a safe and comfortable place of rest and peace for our guests. Accommodation is offered to those who are in transit to another country, but also to those who need a place to stay while they figure out their next steps.
This work is part of our emergency response focusing on accommodation and transportation of Ukrainians, primarily those arriving at the Tulcea border. The number of refugees fleeing Ukraine has just reached 3 million. All4Aid’s response would not be possible without your financial support and the hard work of our workers and short-term volunteers – a big shout out to those serving with us this week from the Canadian Baptist Ministries and the International Baptist Convention.

Check out our Give Page and our Short-Term Volunteers Page to learn more about how you can be a part of this effort by giving and/or by volunteering!


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