Countdown for the Re-Opening!

The countdown has begun for the re-opening of our All4Women Centre on Lesvos! Though we have been able to continue our laundry services and to keep the sewing workshop going, we have been waiting for the construction of our new showers to be completed before fully re-opening.

This week, as the Greek construction workers gave the finishing touches in the building, we began training a new group of Community Volunteers in all areas of the Centre, including doing several trial runs on the showers and laundry and explaining our COVID-19 precautions.

Since yesterday we have also been welcoming women and girls wanting to make appointments to use our female-only laundry and shower services next week.

We are very excited and looking forward to fully re-opening the Centre on the 24th of May!

Training on laundry operations.

Women and girls making appointments.

New showers at the All4Women Community Centre.

Construction workers installing new flooring.


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