New Shuttle Services

We mentioned in a previous update that we leased a space closer to the new camp for a future All4Aid centre. We continue to carefully evaluate a phased approach into this new space, considering both the construction time needed for this to become a functioning space, and the uncertainties surrounding the new camp as the long-term site for housing displaced people on Lesvos.
However, since the need for showers is still great right now, this week we hired a shuttle bus to transport women and children from the new camp to our centre near Moria. A few members of our team have been going into the new camp every morning to hand out shower and laundry tickets and to facilitate boarding the bus.
We are doing our best to continue to offer humanitarian aid in an environment that is always changing. Following this new plan we are now able to offer 135 showers and 50 loads of laundry each day. The shuttle bus costs us 3.500 EUR per month. This is an added expense to our monthly budget that we felt was absolutely worth the investment.
Although there is much more to be done, we are thankful that hundreds of women and children were able to shower this week. They were mostly single women or from female headed households. It was a joy and privilege to be able to see so many return to our centre and take a warm shower in a dignified manner.