2 Weeks Post Fire

When our team started work this week, they weren’t sure exactly what it would look like now that so much has changed in the aftermath of the fire.

Almost all of the former residents of Moria have been relocated and moved into the new camp. The new camp is 3.5 km (60 min walk) from our centre and even with the distance there are women and children coming each day. Some made the journey just for a shower while others brought strollers full of clothes to be washed. Yesterday, one girl came in for her first shower since the fire inside Moria. This was more than 2 weeks ago and she had been unable to shower since.

Women and children are making this long journey to our centre because there are no other facilities like ours inside or near the new camp. But this journey will become more difficult as the weather becomes worse and there are less hours of daylight. Our centre on the doorstep of Moria is no longer the best location to serve them. With this in mind, we have secured the lease of another facility just a few minutes walk from the new camp.

We are now in the process of planning a phased approach in transitioning into this space from our current Centre. While we work through the next steps of what programs or projects we can run out of this new building, we are thankful to have the current centre to continue to best serve those who need it most.