Fire In Moria Part 4

Today marks one week since the start of multiple fires that completely destroyed Moria Refugee Camp. Almost a week later, the majority of the residents of Moria are still living and sleeping on the streets. A new camp has been set up that currently houses about 800 of the 12,000+. It’s uncertain whether this camp will be a temporary or long-term solution.
While families and more vulnerable people are being housed inside this new camp, the majority of people are protesting this change. They want to be moved off the island completely. The situation on the island has been changing each day and it’s still unclear what is to come.
Our team on the ground has been able to work in our centre every day offering showers and laundry to hundreds of women and children. Today, an elderly woman in a wheelchair came to the centre for a shower. Unable to manage on her own, we closed our centre for 30 minutes so that her adult son, whom she depends on, could come inside. Under normal circumstances our centre is for women and small children only but we were more than happy to help in this way.
It’s difficult to see the devastation happening around us and not be able to do more. But we are thankful to be here and help in any way we can.