Fire In Moria Part 1

Last night several fires broke out inside Moria Refugee Camp on Lesvos, Greece. It is unclear what or who started the fires, but this comes after 35 positive COVID-19 cases were officially reported inside the camp. The governmental lockdown of the camp provoked violence and tension inside and around the camp last night which likely led to the fire.

Our centre was not directly affected by the fire. Our team of international and Greek workers are all safe. We spent a lot of time this morning trying to locate our community volunteers; these are ca. 20 women and girls who reside in Moria and serve alongside us as translators, teaching assistants, shower operators, seamstresses, etc. Only one of them is still unaccounted for.

The majority of the 12,000+ residents of Moria are now homeless. They are flooding the streets outside the camp and throughout the surrounding area with nowhere else to go. They have no easy access to water, food and proper shelter.

We are working together with local actors and long-term partners to assess the situation and coordinate a response to attend to these immediate urgent needs. We need your financial contributions and prayer support at this time: