Our Work During the COVID-19 Crisis

Before the COVID19 crisis, showing love and being change looked differently for us. This is what it looks like now for the All4Aid team on Lesvos:

🧺 We are receiving laundry from our community volunteers and from other organisations. Each person brings their laundry to the door outside, where it is collected by one of our volunteers and brought into the laundry room. They load the laundry in the washing machines, wash it and then unload it into a clean plastic bag. The clean clothes are then place by the door again ready to be picked up.

🚿 The showers are not open for appointments at the moment. They are only being used by families with scabies as part of their treatment. Upon arrival, each family shows a ticket to show they are scheduled for doing their scabies treatment on that day. Before they go into the shower, they receive a clean change of clothes wrapped in plastic. After applying the treatment on their own skin and showering, they put on the clean clothes and bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room to be washed.

🧸 The kids’ corner is only used by younger kids. After receiving their scabies treatment, they can wait for their parents to finish their own treatment and pick them up.

Although things may be very different from what we are used to, our team continues to look for ways to bring encouragement, show love and be change in the everyday lives of the people of Moria.