Scabies Treatment Resumes

Exciting news! Abi and his brother are finally healthy and well! Their family came to us earlier this week for their scabies treatment appointment. While Abi and his brother were still attending classes at our All4Kids Learning Centre in the past weeks, one of our teachers had to constantly change the bandages on their hands so they wouldn’t scratch them, but also to protect them from being bullied. We were overjoyed that the boys finally managed to get the appropriate treatment!

Since November 2019, All4Aid has been cooperating with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to tackle the problem of scabies inside Moria Refugee Camp. On certain days of the week, families are sent to our centre to take a warm shower, apply treatment and wash and properly disinfect their clothes. After a short pause due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus situation, we are glad we are able to resume this project and can continue to offer this essential service to the camp population.