Covid-19 Response on Lesvos

All around the globe, people are being told to stay at home, wash their hands, and to take measures to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The same recommendation is given to refugees on Lesvos. However, people living in the Moria Refugee Camp are simply not in a position to take those necessary precautions.

Some 20,000 refugees currently live in a camp designed for 2,840 people. Nine people on average share a 3 sqm tent as their living space. There is one water station for roughly every 1,000 people, one toilet for every 200 people. There is no soap. It’s simply impossible for the refugees to take the most basic hygienic precautions.

In the past week, we have been interacting with other NGOs and the authorities to define what is the best use we can make of our centre during such a crisis. Some ideas, like focusing on serving the most vulnerable (elderly refugees and those with respiratory health issues) and those involved in medical care (medical translators), are being explored.

Whatever it will be – because of our strategic position in front of the camp, and because of our type of facilities (a physical building with professional washing machines, showers, etc.) – we are hoping to be instrumental in minimising the impact of new coronavirus at the camp, trusting we were placed on Lesvos “for such a time as this”.

We appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts for the health and safety of refugees and workers, for clarity on deciding what is the most effective use of our centre during the crisis, and for financial provision and more partners committing to support the work of All4Aid on a regular basis.

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