Fatal Fire at Moria Camp on Lesvos

It is with a sad heart that we would like to share that two fires broke out in Moria Refugee Camp, Lesvos, Greece, last night. One burned down a reported seven containers used for housing. The other burned tents in Olive Grove, an area adjacent to the main camp which has been used to house refugees as the camp gets more and more overcrowded. It is reported that at least two people died during the fire, one of them a child, while many others were injured. After the fires many people started protesting and rioting.

Today our All4Aid centre has been busy welcoming refugee women and children, as usual. Many are coming in still smelling like smoke or covered in soot. At our centre they find 10 warm showers and 10 washing machines available for them and are welcomed with love.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Moria tonight affected by these fires. Please keep the refugees, police, fire fighters, aid workers and our All4Aid team also in your thoughts and prayers. And if you would like to support our work, please contact us or follow thilink to give. There are huge needs in this camp which is the largest in Europe. With your support All4Aid can be in an even greater position to help.