Statistical Snapshot of Our Work

Every person on our All4Aid team is constantly inspired by the direct contact we have with the refugees we serve. We recognise their faces, we know their names, we hear their stories. While they are not numbers for us, we know that numbers do help others to grasp the impact of our work. So, here is a statistical snapshot of some of what we have been able to accomplish on Lesvos in the past six months.

At our All4Women Community Centre:
4,724 safe, warm showers have been provided to the refugee women and children between February and July 2019;
8,940 loads of laundry have been provided to the refugee women between February and July 2019;
6,045 non-food items (feminine hygiene, diapers, clothes, toys) have been distributed between April and July 2019.

On top of that, thousands of refugee women and children have taken part in the other activities and services we offer: Exercising Time, Expressive Dance Workshops, Sewing Workshops, Self-Defence Classes, Health & Hygiene Advice, Arts & Crafts Sessions, Trauma Therapy Activities, Beauty Services (haircut, manicure, etc.), STEM learning experiments, and so on. Also, there are more and more moms making use of our baby bath facilities there too.

Moreover, through the Living Bread Project and together with our on-the-ground partner REMAR, we have been able to distribute more than 3,000 meals per day for the women and children living inside Moria Camp. That means, more than 500,000 meals have been distributed between February and July.

This is only a small drop in the ocean, in face of the great needs of the refugees living on Lesvos. But, in many ways, we accomplished a lot, specially considering that all of these have been done through a very modest budget and through the power of volunteers and self-supported workers.

We are encouraged! And we hope that you are encouraged to start or continue to support our work! Check out the pages “Serve” and “Give” under the main menu of our website to explore more ways to get involved!

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