World Refugee Day: A Message from Rodrigo

Today is World Refugee Day. It is a day to honour all the people among us who have fled their homes in order to survive and rebuild their lives in a safer place. So, today we celebrate the courage and tenacity of the 70 million refugees forced to leave their homes because of war, violence, as well as ethnic, political and religious persecution.

Today we at All4Aid reaffirm our commitment to continue to support refugees in the ways we can and help them thrive in their journeys. We also express our gratitude for the generosity and commitment of all our partners, those who are donating, those who are volunteering and supporting us in other ways.

In the year ahead, we invite you to join in the global effort to help refugees who have been displaced by conflict and violence. Together we can make a difference! Let’s show love and be change!

Rodrigo Assis da Silva, Managing Director at All4Aid

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