Our Shop is Now Open!

This week we were able to open up a “shop” for our refugee ladies on Lesvos! They were able to receive clothes, hygiene products and toys for their children, as they finished taking shower and doing laundry at our Centre. We were able to serve 189 ladies, giving out over 600 items. The “shop” will now become a regular activity at our All4Women Community Centre. We call it a “shop”, even though the items are given for free, because the ladies are given the freedom to select the items they want from the products displayed.

Thank you so much for the donations of clothes, toys and hygiene products that are regularly sent our way and enable us to make this possible. A Big shoutout to Chorleywood4Refugees, Love4Lesvos, Together100, and all the teams supporting #TheDignityPackProject! We could not do this without all of you!

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