All4Aid Volunteers Arrive in Lesbos

Last Sunday night our Al4Aid Volunteer Team landed in Lesbos. This is the first of three teams we are sending to serve at Moria Refugee Camp this Autumn. Led by our Director of Community Engagement, Phillip Vandergrift, they spent the day on Monday receiving training and doing a tour to familiarise themselves with the camp.

On Tuesday they got their first official assignment: serve at the camp warehouse. Together with other volunteers, they helped to process and organise the supplies brought in by the wonderful people of the Christian NGO GAiN Germany. In the photo you see our volunteers together with the GAiN Volunteers. This is Moria, a refugee camp where you can see a wonderful spirit of collaboration and unity for the sake of the refugees. “An awesome first couple of days for us all” – Phillip reported.

We will continue to cover the participation of our All4Aid volunteers as they continue to serve the refugees living at Moria Camp until the end of November. And if you are interested in volunteer in the next Volunteer Trips, please click here for the 2019 dates and more information.

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