Mission Accomplished

The time of our Volunteer Team at Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece, has come to and end. In their final day at camp, they helped with housing, gave out towels and hygiene products and performed other practical tasks. A few of our volunteers decided to leave their own clothes as donations to refugees. They also used this final day to say their goodbyes to the refugees they became acquaintances with. That’s always a difficult moment for our volunteers.

Surely our volunteers returns back home conscious that they have received just as much as they have given; in a very beautiful exchange! “We go back with a desire to share our experiences with our family and friends and invite others to consider to volunteer too” – they said. There will actually be an opportunity for others to join a volunteer trip to Lesbos soon, as we plan to send a three Volunteer Teams in October and November. Watch out our website and facebook page for more information.

As this Volunteer Trip comes to an end, we also want to express our gratitude to all our sponsors and supporters. We could not have send this Volunteer Team to serve at Moria Camp in Lesbos without your support! Thank you!

PS.: the photo you see is from an adorable 7 year old refugee girl from Syria who decided to hold the hand of one of our volunteers while she practiced counting in English a giggled at every mistake.