Busy Days at Moria Camp

Our Volunteer Team has been kept busy in the last days, distributing towels, helping to do a census in the camp and housing new families. Housing people at Moria Camp like sorting a big puzzle: single women and minors should be housed in safer areas, family members should be housed together, single men should be grouped by nationality.

It seems easy, but it is not. Firstly because the camp is already very full. It is difficult to find space, specially a safe space for the more vulnerable people. Secondly because of the refugees’ lack of documentation, e.g.: refugee couples without a marriage certificate, pregnant women without doctor’s note, dates and names mistyped in their registration paper, etc. All that really slows down the housing process.

Despite (and probably because of) the challenges, housing has been definitely one of the favourite tasks for our Volunteer Team who report: “It is very satisfying for us when refugees are housed and they are satisfied with the accommodation, be it a tent, in an ISO-box or a spot in the big hub hall. Drops in the ocean, we know. But we keep going, helping and serving those few we can”.

And our volunteers get busy even in their breaks, as there is always a refugee very keen to practice his/her English (photo). So, if you are considering to join one of our Volunteer Teams going to Lesbos in the future, you can start working on your spelling skills.