Working at Moria Camp

Our Volunteer Team in Lesbos started their Tuesday with a training session in a nice cafe by the seaside. Then they were taken to Moria Refugee Camp to do a tour and familiarise themselves with the camp. Immediately after lunch they started their first shift at Moria Camp, where 7000 refugees are living in very challenging conditions. They built tents, helped carrying the bags of refugees moving in, photocopied refugee documents, and did many other very practical tasks in support of the refugees living there.

In between jobs, or even after shift, they were also able to sow seeds of love and kindness, be it with smile or a kind gesture, like seating besides an elderly refugee woman and try to communicate with her or sharing our lunch with refugee kids (photos).

The highlight of the day for the team was to find out that they had a translator within the team! Adarsh Pandey, one of our volunteers who comes from India, did an amazing job speaking Urdu with new refugee families from Pakistan and Afghanistan who had just arrived in camp. He also helped to house them.

“We could not have asked for a better team of volunteers” – said Rodrigo Assis da Silva, All4Aid Managing Director and Team Leader for this trip.

There are very strict policies at Moria Refugee Camp in relations to taking photos, policies that we adhere to in order to protect the refugees we are serving there. So, we do our best to report on the work of our team without showing faces of refugees.